Enduro Trailers | The COMPAK

Diverse by design

The COMPAK is a diverse trailer that can be adjusted to a range of lengths to accommodate various sized boats. Designed for Ribs, Alloys and Glass dinghy's, the trailer can support a variety of boats within a specified range. The COMPAK transforms by simply altering the length of the draw bar and rear roller to the required length.

Another unique feature of The COMPAK is it's ability to be transformed into a conventional car trailer with the attachable box section.



Size Range

2.5 - 3.5m

Suspension Type

Eye Slipper 2 Leaf

Maximum Gross Weight (Combined Load)


Wheel Size

8" x 5.7"

Type & No. of Rollers

2 x Keel rollers & 2 x Side skids

Phone: 07 850 5512 | 10 Udy Place, Te Rapa, Hamilton